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Skylights and Leaks

There are only two types of skylights: those that leak, and those that are going to leak.

This is one of the common myths in the roofing industry. While that may have been true many years ago, the commercial skylights of today have been proven to be reliable, and yes, leak free. After decades of refinement and design improvement for the materials, there have been great strides in the quality and durability of skylights on the market. Due to changes in the design of the dome materials, frame assembly and condensation management system, the products have become very reliable.

Now, commercial skylights are reliable and trouble-free when properly installed. With proper design and installation of the roof curb, and flashing methods, the installation can be guaranteed not to leak. There are some roofing systems available now that offer up to a 20-year leak-free guarantee. This guarantee includes the skylight and the roofing system.

Some of the largest users of skylights are major retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot and Meijer. The simple question to ask is if skylights are not reliable, why would these companies continue to install them in their buildings?

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Making Skylights Great Again!

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