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Roof Curbs

Roof curbs are utilized to install equipment that is attached to the roof.  This can include skylights, smoke vents, air conditioning equipment, exhaust fans and many other items.  The roof curb is the base or platform that is installed and permanently attached to the roof structure.  The curb is then made weather tight by installing a flashing system to tie it in to the roof assembly.  The curb is typically square or rectangle shaped and can come in various heights and sizes.  When installing any roof top equipment, it is critical to have the proper dimensions and know the local building code requirements.  The Terminology section has more details on proper sizing.

Logistics Lighting is proud to offer roof curb products from the premier manufacturers in the industry.  Roof curbs are available in over 30 standard sizes, as well as custom sizes can be fabricated.  The roof curbs are available in both insulated and uninsulated versions, as well as structural and non-structural load rated design.  The structural curb options is designed to eliminate the need for additional structural support under the roof curb, and save time and labor on the project.  Click here for more details on this comparison.  For more information please check out the library page or contact us with your product questions or specific application needs.

Roof Curb Features

  • Structural Support For Roof Equipment
  • Provides Weather Tight Installation
  • Height and Type Options
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated Available

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