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Smoke Vents

Smoke vents are utilized as part of the building fire emergency system. The smoke vent is designed to open at a fixed point temperature.  The smoke vent opens to allow dangerous and hazardous exhaust gasses to escape from the building.  Some smoke vents are also designed to be operable from the exterior, so if a fire occurs, the fire department can open the smoke vent and shoot water inside the building from the roof.  The requirements for smoke vents are dictated by the local Fire Marshall and the Building Codes.  This is also dependent on the type of use of the building and the materials stored inside the space.  The smoke vents we offer use an acrylic or polycarbonate lens for the ‘doors’ of the smoke vent, so you receive the added benefit of natural light and the use as a smoke vent as well.

Logistics Lighting is proud to offer smoke vent products from the premier manufacturers in the industry.  Smoke Vents are available in over 30 standard sizes, as well as custom sizes can be fabricated.  The smoke vents can be made from a variety of glazing materials including acrylic, polycarbonate, fiberglass and co-polyester.  There are many different building rating systems available including Class 1, Class 3, Factory Mutual and Hurricane rated.  Uplift rating option s include unrated, 10 pound, 25 pound and 30 pound uplift options.  We also offer a complete line of melt-out type of smoke vents.  All smoke vents have the option for different fusible link temperature setting.  For more information please check out the library page or contact us with your product questions or specific application needs.

Smoke Vent Features

  • Fire Safety
  • Operable or Melt-Out Available
  • Provide Fire Department Access
  • Added Benefits of Natural Light

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